The Power of Hypnotic words

 Most men do not realize that women can get really turned on just by using hypnotic words. I would
like to tell of my experience of this principle just last night.

I am in an online dating service and a woman sent me an online kiss. I found her profile attractive so I sent her an email. I always make these emails funny in some way. Usually there is something in her profile to make fun of in a light sort of way. We exchanged
an email or two but she did not want to give her phone number out. She has heard of
some bad experiences for stalking from online dating.

So we arranged a chat line. This went on for a while while we talked about our past marriage.
I decided to then use the power of erotic words.

I asked her would she like to go on a journey with me. She agreed and I started typing something like this.

Imagine you are at the breach lying on a towel.
Imagine you can hear the surf waves crashing on the sand.
Smell the salt in the air.
Feel your body molding to the sand and your feet feeling the gritty sand.
It's a warm day and you start to feel very relaxed and peaceful.
Fee the suns rays on your head and it feels so good.
Feel the heat of the sun rays warm your body and move down from your head to your chest, over your breasts and down to your belly. Over your pelvis and down your legs to your feet.

You are feeling more and more relaxed and alive in your body.

At this stage I asked her if she wanted to continue and I suggested it could get more erotic but she would have to ring me. She rang after a short toilet break.

So we continued.....

Imaging your at a deserted beach and feel totally safe and free. You take off your clothes and lie naked in the sun.
Feel the suns rays over your vulva.
Feel the heat turn you on a little.

Now you see in the distance a man. He is very attractive and you make eye contact as he walks towards you. You really feel safe and protected on this special beach. You really connect with your emotions with this man that is very good looking but sensitive and loving.

He comes up to you and he asks if he can move his hand 6 inches away from your body from belly to chest. He is now moving his hand slowly from your belly and now over your stomach to your breasts. Now he is moving his hand down to your belly.
You feel the energy in your body respond to his energy in his hands even though he is not touching you.

The phone call continues and it got very erotic. I even described touching her g spot, sending waves or orgasmic energy through her body.

At the end she went into having many orgasms on the phone from no self stimulation. I could feel and hear her energy. Nice. So from never speaking to this woman in 30 minutes she was totally orgasmic.

Of course she gave me her phone number. Most men do not realize how sexual and erotic women are.

So try using the power of erotic words. Perhaps you can try to act out a fantasy that your lover has. Make sure you describe in a lot of detail the scene and use all the senses. Like smell, touch and sounds etc.

Enjoy the power of erotic words.


RobsonDesignWorks 2006