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 Penis massage

I find that most women do not know how to massage a man's penis. I am a qualified sexological bodyworker and I have massaged many men's penises. I feel it takes a man to teach a women how to massage a mans penis.

Many men use only one penis massage stroke to masturbate. In my erotic massage practice I use at least 15 different stokes on the penis, balls and perineum area. Most men have never been touched this way ever. By massaging the penis along with other areas of the body the energy can move, giving whole body orgasms.

The good thing is that I describe a penis massage in my free sexual mastery course. The following is 3 methods of penis massage out of more than 15 that I describe in my course.

COCK SHIATSU penis massage technique

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure." With your thumb and first finger squeeze up and down the magic want, both front and back and sides. This rhythmic stroke begins to wake up the inner tissues of the magic wand.

 ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK penis massage technique

Once this penis massage begins, most men are willing to receive all day and all night. So I call this stroke Rock Around the Clock. The magic wand pointing toward the bellybutton is 12 o'clock. Alternate your hands sensuously and slowly rubbing the magic wand around the clock. Make sure you are massaging both the magic wand and the body parts below it.

 SIX O'CLOCK GOOD NEWS penis massage technique

At 5, 6, and 7 o'clock, wrap your whole hand around the magic want. Take some extra time at 6 o'clock. This is a favorite position of many men, especially if they are soft or semi-soft.

Men receiving, remember that the goal of this penis massage is not erection or ejaculation, but full body aliveness orgasm nourishing every level of being. Most men find a two-thirds erection to be the most beneficial state in which to receive a Penis Erotic Massage. Erections, like the tides, ebb and flow. This is the natural rhythm of erotic charge.

A major technique of this penis massage is to pull the skin of the magic wand toward the base, especially if your partner is uncircumcised. This provides a pleasurable variation to most strokes. Try Rock Around the Clock with the skin of the magic wand pulled toward the body.

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