G Spot Orgasm Technique

 G Spot Orgasm Technique

Women love a man when they know how to do the G Spot Orgasm Technique. It is very simple to learn. I find in amazing that many men do not know how to stimulate the g spot. It is easy to learn.

G Spot explanation

The G spot is located within the front wall of the vagina It is usually located half and inch from the entrance. In my experience  can vary with differing women. Many women can have intense orgasmic experiences from g spot stimulation. Some might need to wee before stimulation as massaging this area can cause them to want to go.

Locating the G spot | finding the G Spot

Make sure your women is aroused. Now to locate the g spot. Slowly slide your finger into the vulva and curl upwards. Use lubrication if needed. The g spot will feel slightly ridged in most women. It is usually one half of one inch inside the vulva in the upwards position on the wall.

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Hitting the g spot and stimulating the g spot

Now for the g spot orgasm technique. Pressure the g spot with your finger in different ways. Ask her what she likes. Use a come here motion and try side to side motions. Try hitting the g spot with light taps. When your women is very aroused the pressure on the g spot can re quite strong. Also alternate some stimulation on the clitoris. However do not focus on your partner having a clitoris orgasm but on stimulating her for something much deeper. Ask her what she likes!

Continue stimulation for up to 30 minutes or even 1 hour. I have gone on for hours. Touch her breasts and tell her how beautiful she is.

G Spot orgasms

These types of g spot orgasms are much deeper than clitoris orgasms. She can have 3 waves of intense  g spot orgasms over a 1 hour session.

One can use the penis to hit the g spot in certain tantric sex positions. Tantra positions Usually this is doggy style where the penis angles up more than the missionary position.

Deep Spot

Some women are more sensitive in the areas around the cervix than the  g spot. Explore the vulva and see what she likes. Usually above the cervix is a very sensitive area.

Some women do not like G spot stimulation. At times healing needs too occur in this area as it can hold emotions from the past. Go to sexual healing massage

Many women have never been touched with total presence.

The best way to learn about the g spot is to watch experts in this area with actual women that you can download today, please go to this link  Erotic massage

 Have Fun!

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