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G Spot, Vulva and Yoni massage!

A few weeks ago I was talking to a male friend about sex and vulva and yoni massage .He told  me that the  G spot does not exist. This made me sad as it is my experience that when a woman's G spot is activated she can have orgasms after orgasms from stimulating this area in the yoni or vulva. 

I remember just touching with my finger on a past lovers G spot with no movement at all and she had waves and waves of deep orgasms. Many women have never had present conscious touch on this sacred  spot. Also many women have stored fear and deep negative emotions in this area. When this area is touched or massaged they feel nothing or it can be painful etc. Some may feel the urge to urinate. Men tend to store similar emotions in  the anus area.

Pelvic release massage is a technique that can release sorted emotions in this area and enable more sensitivity and pleasure to be generated. Please contact me for more details and to book a session.

Sexual Tips for men.

When your partner is very aroused ask if you can massage her magic garden or yoni. Very very slowly slide in a lubricated finger and curl it upward to feel for a ridged area in her vulva. Ask her how she wants this spot to be touched. Make eye contact to support her from your heart. I suggest you take a lot of time from 30 minutes or longer to touch this area with no agenda.  If  she has a series or orgasms let her rest for a while with no stimulation and then ask if she wants more pleasure. She might move her hips to indicate this to you without you needing to ask.

Combining g spot touching with clit touching and alternating or both at once can be amazing for most women. I like to have one finger on the G stop and one curled to touch the clit. Start with slow stimulation and them follow her energy and build up the intensity. Sometime some women like a finger on or in the anus for more pleasure. The pleasure can get so intense that the women does not know what you are touching!!!

Deep emotions can be released during the massage. Sometimes they can be directed at you. Just be present, in your heart energy and non reactive.

G stop stimulation can lead on to female ejaculation.

Many women get an urge to urinate when they are very aroused by G spot stimulation in the yoni or vulva. They resist this urge and block the ejaculation response. Sometimes they can get ejaculation responses going down their legs. Men can give negative feedback about their woman's body fluids too. The ejaculation fluid can be cups for some women and has been tested in laboratories and the composition is not urine.

If my lover wets the bed I ask to lie on it for the night. Taoist teaching say the the fluids are sacred and very good for your skin. Use safe sex guidelines if needed. If you want more tips click here

 It is best to actually see how to touch the g spot and take a woman to deep orgasmic places.
The following site has some amazing video clips and can be downloaded in a few minutes. There is free samples for you to download today too..

Click here To download vulva massage clips.



Men, one of my best tips is to activate your lovers G spot! Learn the art of yoni or vulva massage and you will get a lot more sex. Check out actual massage techniques from the above site. Woman love a man that can take them deep into their sexual energy. Its great to be told you area a really great lover.


For more tips on  great sex course click here

Have Fun!!



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