Energy Orgasms

How to have energy orgasms

Why have energy orgasms?

Energy orgasms helps both men and women to have deeper multi orgasmic experiences. They also clear out any stored emotional crap. You feel great after having energy orgasms.

It is also a great party trick to have energy orgasms at will.

 Energy orgasms can be an  spiritual experience, giving you a sense of  beyond everything in your everyday reality.

What does an energy orgasm feel like?

Some are strong as a normal orgasm and some are subtle like the wind. Generally you feel an energy orgasm in your whole body. It can feel sexual and at times not. I can have energy orgasms at will. At times a normal male ejaculation orgasm can change into an energy orgasm. You gain energy from an energy orgasm and feel very clear afterwards.


1. Lay down on a  yoga mat.

2.  Relax your body and breathe. 

3.  Now breathe deeper in through your nose and out through your mouth.

4. Rock your pelvis on the inhale and flatten it on the exhale. Squeeze the PC muscles on the in breath, arching your lower back and flattening on the exhale. Make it erotic. 

5.Imagine and feel energy go into your perineum. Energy does follow your thoughts. Then pull the energy up to the belly area. One can touch each area to allow your mind to be centered in this area..

6. Go to the heart.  Move the energy  from the belly to heart.

7. Now move the energy to your throat. You might make some sounds now.  .

8. Move the energy from throat to 3rd Eye.

9. Circulate from the 3rd Eye to the crown. This can get very ecstatic.

Energy Orgasms points

Remember to breathe. One gets into a habit of shallow breath in life. Also be patient if the above does not work at first. Blocks can be like frustration, crying, etc. Just go back into the breath when blocks arise.

I also recommend a powerful practice to become multi orgasmic on Jack Johnson's site.

Good luck! It is your birthright to feel more pleasure and we need more in this world.

To your next orgasm!!


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