Let your Breath take to to Ecstasy!

Have you noticed that babies breath comes right from the diaphragm.  The natural breath of young children actually massages the sex area from the effect of the belly and the diaphragm. As we get older and accumulate stress we start to restrict our breath. Usually most adults use breath from the upper chest area. This limits the full benefits of breath. Our fear and restrictions can hold us to a shallow pattern. After a time our posture can change to support the restricting breath pattern.

We do not get the benefit of the massaging and pulsing effects of the breath on our genital area.

When we are angry we tend to express more air than we take in. When we cry we tend to gulp air in. When we are fearful our breath becomes shallow and restricted. Men that suffer from premature ejaculation generally restrict their breath in lovemaking.

The next time you have strong emotions take your attention to your breath. Take 3 to 6 deep slow breaths and then see if your emotions have changed.

By breathing deeper we can have a profound influence on our sexual energy. The more breath we use  the more energy we can generate. The more we can relax our sex center with the breath the more energy and joy can be accessed.

I have a personal practice to take my attention now and then to my breath and my anus during the day. I use belly breathing and relax my anus on the in-breath. If my anus area is relaxed then it is more likely other areas of my body can relax too. The base charka is located at the anus area. Every breath can massage and relax this area. The more relaxed my body is the more energy and vitality can flow.

Awareness of the breath is one key to being out of ones head and more into ones body. If your attention is on your breath you are in the here and how. You can then take your attention to the sensations in your body. Our stored shame takes us away from feeling pleasure in the body. When you notice you are again in your head  thinking about the past or future let your attention go to your breath.

Do you think too much?

Breathwork can be very powerful in releasing stored emotions and blocks. I teach my clients over 6 different ways of using their breath. In all my massages I instruct the clients how to use their breath. The method I teach men to be multi orgasmic with no ejaculation depends on a simple breath technique. I personally have found I can achieve blissful and ecstatic states by using different breath patterns. I know several men and woman that have had continuous orgasmic states lasting 6 hours or more.

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