Why Anal Sex is Painful for Most Lovers

The 3 Reasons why Anal Sex can be Painful for Lovers

1) Most people have some shame around the anus from toilet training. One needs to relax the anus for this area to be fun and erotic. 

Many people, in just their daily lives, hold so much stress in their bodies, let alone stop for a moment to relax enough and enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

If anal sex is what you want then the first thing you need to do is relax about the whole thing. Anal sex is not dirty, weird, or only something freaks do! It’s a very erotic form of sexual activity that can literally blow your mind if it is approached in a relaxed and sensuous way. Search out different resources regarding anal sex (leave the porn sites for when you’re a pro – I am talking helpful resources), find out about that part of your body, take your time and RELAX!

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2) You have to use LUBE! The ass is naturally a very dry area to be inserting anything into it.

Never try anal sex relying on saliva or worse nothing at all to help. Use a water-based lubricant and use lots of it.

And if you are having anal sex with someone you are not that familiar (HIV is easily transmitted with unprotected sex.) with use a condom but do not use one with spermicide as that will irritate the anus.

3) Start Small! Don’t rush into anal sex. Start with small dildos and vibrators and again use lots of lube.

Relax and lube up your ass and slowly insert a small vibrator. Breathe deep and let go of all tension in your body focusing on your anal region. Let all thoughts of this being taboo and enjoy.

As you become more comfortable move up in size and toys. There are all sizes of vibrators, dildos, anal beads, anal plugs, and of course, your partners penis, but take your time and enjoy. Anal sex can enhance any sexual act and contribute to wild orgasms!

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