Anal massage anal stretching, tight anus

The benefits of anal stretching
and anal massage for a tight anus.

The anus is one area of the body that many people have a lot of shame about. A tight anus I feel is due to  the early toilet training. So what are the benefits of anal stretching and massage?

It only takes a few times that mum or dad reacts negatively to a shitty nappy for the parents shame to be transferred to the baby. Later in life, she or he has a tight anus with tension in this area. I you think about it, shit is a natural product of the body. Healthy men and women who have a good diet have shit that does not even have a strong odor. If we did not shit we would soon die.

Many of us hold a lot of tension in our anus. This leads to a tight anus and hemorrhoids and splits in the anus. There are a lot of benefits to using anal massage and anal stretching to remove tension in this area.

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The anus has a lot of nerve endings that can be very pleasurable if stimulated. I have spoken to many women about anal sex and some can have more intense orgasms than normal sex. Most men hurry anal sex. A tight anus and anal sex does not go together. One need to massage the outer anus for 20 minutes and see if the women can relax the anus before entry. Start fingering the anus with a little finger very gently and use plenty of lube.

Moving objects from the anus to vagina or anus can cause infections, so wash the penis, finger, or object first before inserting into the vulva. Men can use a condom with extra lube for anal sex. Rimming, or using your tongue to stimulate another's anus, is made safer by using a dam or an opened-up rectangular piece of non lubed condom, kissing and licking through the thin latex.

Many men think that if they explore their anus they are homosexual. This is an inhibition that can stop they enjoying a very erotic part of their bodies. Most women love anal touch during sex.

One of the best ways of learning anal massage is from a professional who works every day in this area. My teacher, Chester is a master of this type of massage. He demonstrates anal massage on a women and a man and also little known methods of using a female condom. He has done anal massage for over 20 years and taught doctors and universities.

Fortunately you can download his massage techniques from the following link.

Downloadable Anal and erotic massage training

There is some evidence that anal massage and prostate massage for men can lead to lower prostate cancer.

Try some stretches of the anus in the bath. It is always best to use a lot of lub for any anal work. Men can even massage and milk the prostate using the thumb. This takes a bit of practice but I find it easy.

The best way to do this is with a self prostate massage orgasm.

But plugs are a great tool for anal stretching. One can purchase different sizes and start with the smallest one.

I really like the Aneros anal massage plug for men. I have had mind blowing prostate orgasms from this little device. See the link below. I use this during sex at times and it can lead to orgasms being much deeper and longer. 

Enjoy exploring your anus.



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Enjoy your anus!



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